Kunwar Narain

Translated by: Apurva Narain

Original text: "असमंजस "

Artwork by Christine Breakell-Lee


Maybe this is not today

but long before our time


and there

where we must reach tomorrow

little children are waiting for us

with bated breath

to see what our epoch 

brings for them after all 



With today’s newspaper in one hand

and poems in the other

     I hesitate…


     should I first give them the news

          or the poems

Kunwar Narain
Kunwar Narain is regarded as one of the finest living poets and India’s leading literary figure. Born in 1927, he is a widely read, reclusive presence in Hindi literature and has written for over six decades. His many honours include the Jnanpith, India’s highest literary award across all languages.


Apurva Narain
Kunwar Narain’s son and translator into English, Apurva’s book of translations, No Other World, was published in India and the UK. A second book is under way. A development consultant by profession, and an avid traveller, he writes in English. He now lives in New Delhi.