He Doesn't Have His Own Space

Anna Maria Carpi

Translated by: Lisa Mullenneaux

Original text: "Non ha un suo luogo "

Artwork by Emily Carr

He doesn't have his own space.

Every night he rises

from the common grave

where he ended up, Maggiore—

the unclaimed dead come and go freely,

I am sure of it—

but not for that and not

for all the evil I said about him

is he pissed at me. He agonizes

over my life,

and he wrings his hands

and despairs.

Anna Maria Carpi

A lifelong Milanese, Anna Maria Carpi has won awards for her translations of German 20th-century poets—such as Benn, Celan, and Enzensberger—and also for her own poetry, which she began publishing in 1993. In 2016, Marcos y Marcos published her collected poems as E io che intanto parlo. Besides poetry, she has written essays, stories, and four novels, described at annamariacarpi.org.

Lisa Mullenneaux

Lisa Mullenneaux (translator) is the author of Naples’ Little Women: The Fiction of Elena Ferrante. Her poetry appears widely in print and online journals. She teaches writing for the University of Maryland UC.