you dumped me for a vegetarian

Ramón Sepúlveda

Texte original: "me dejaste por un vegetariano "

œuvre de Clo Baril

you dumped me for a vegetarian


no one called me.

there was no letter, no email.

you’re the one who told me.


you  met him at the Green Door

long hair, magnetic bracelets

fortyish and unemployed.


but he was your soul mate

your mirror

your spiritual mentor.

he cooked with tahini and quinoa

and drank only organic wine.


Rather than ask about the wine,

I said, “how would you know about

his kitchen?

his table?

his bedroom?


you took the time to explain,

clarify my doubts,

and finally,

confirm my fears,

“but let’s make peace,” you said

and invited me for dinner.


“you, him and me, together for dinner?

what the hell are you thinking?

the three of us at the same table

an asparagus, spinach and oregano omelette

baklava for dessert.


no thanks,

spare me the carrots

spare me the eggplants and zucchini

spare me the indigestion  I can see coming.


no thank you.




intellectual dogs


in my adopted town

there is a little park

at the end of Frank Street

near the Jack Purcell pool.


It is a meeting place

for the people in the neighbourhood

mostly single men and  women

who take their dogs out there.


let’s not be mistaken about these dogs

used to air conditioning and television

nature does not interest them

nor does the little park.


their masters and mistresses

toss balls, frisbees and laughter

for their dogs,

they make faces and utter  sounds,

make gestures that in my country

would be considered vulgar

and offensive if done in public


as the summer heat is ferocious

the dogs grow distant and aloof

lying in the shade of the large tree

as if they were busy discussing Heidegger or Foucault,

their masters and mistresses

along with their tacky frisbees or colourful balls

can go to hell, and leave them alone.

Ramón Sepúlveda

Ramón Sepúlveda was born in Santiago, and has lived in Canada since 1974. His short stories have been published in many anthologies in Canada, the Unites States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Chile. His book of short stories Red Rock was first published in Canada in 1990 and its Spanish version in Chile in 1991.