The Woman who Daydreamed

Rio Alma

Traducido por: J.A. Del Prado

Obra artística por Esther Rose

She was embracing a broken ladle
When she woke up from a dream,
As the dried fish and rice
she was frying, whizzed and hissed.
From the corner of her eyes, still sparkling
Were the planets and stars,
Though her beloved prince,
Jasmines, and palanquins had vanished.


When she was young, she vowed
That she would rise
From the stench and the damp field
Of her secluded village.
Owned by the City’s temptation

And by her noble purpose,

She carried her dreams in a trunk

And never looked back.


Like the tale of the lost chick,
Tired and withered,
She lived her life in
An old apartment.
Someone told her that today
Her stray spouse would come home soon.
So she prepared and cleaned early.
Later, she dressed herself.


When the door opened, she closed her eyes
In the hymn of a violin
And drenched herself in jasmine and the caress
Of her drunken husband

Rio Alma

Virgilio S. Almario, better known by his pen name, Rio Alma, is a poet, critic, editor, and translator. He is a recipient of numerous awards such as the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards, grand prizes from the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Poet of the Year of the Commission of the Filipino Language, and the Southeast Asia (SEA) Write Award of Bangkok. He is the founder and workshop director of the Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika, at Anyo (LIRA), an organization of poets who write in Filipino. He was conferred the Order of National Artist for Literature in 2003.

J.A. Del Prado

J.A. Del Prado earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature, cum laude, from the University of Santo Tomas in 2012. During his college years, he was the Vice-President of the UST Literary for two years, and a member of the Thomasian Writers’ Guild and UST Scarlet. He is fellow of the 4th and 5th UST Varsitarian Fiction Workshop, the 12th Soul Project Creative Writing Workshop, and the 4th UST Varsitarian National Workshop on Arts Criticism. His plays in Filipino and English were cited in the 27th Gawad Ustetika: Annual Students Awards for Literature in 2011. He currently works as a writer for an American online advertising firm in Makati City.