Grandma Isyang and the Old Star-Apple Tree

Chary Lou Navarro-Defante

Traducido por: J.A. Del Prado

Obra artística por Daniel François Cayo

One night,

Grandma Isyang looked out of the window.

She saw the fingers of the wind

Gently picking one by one,

The leaves of the old

star-apple tree.


The same fingers

Pinched Grandma’s eyes.

She closed the window

And lied down gently.


There, Lola Isyang felt

The pain of the pinch.


She closed her eyes

As the old star-apple tree

Shed its leaves.

Chary Lou Navarro-Defante

Chary Lou Navarro-Defante has been writing poems since her high school days in Aklan College, now Aklan Catholic College. Since then she has been published in Hiligaynon, Yuhum, Home Life, Patubas (1994), In Time Passing There Are Things (100 Home Life Poets) (1999), Mantala 3; and in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (2002). A PhD graduate, she now resides in Canada. This poem was inspired by O. Henry's short story, The last Leaf.  

J.A. Del Prado

J.A. Del Prado earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature, cum laude, from the University of Santo Tomas in 2012. During his college years, he was the Vice-President of the UST Literary for two years, and a member of the Thomasian Writers’ Guild and UST Scarlet. He is fellow of the 4th and 5th UST Varsitarian Fiction Workshop, the 12th Soul Project Creative Writing Workshop, and the 4th UST Varsitarian National Workshop on Arts Criticism. His plays in Filipino and English were cited in the 27th Gawad Ustetika: Annual Students Awards for Literature in 2011. He currently works as a writer for an American online advertising firm in Makati City.