Darkness, Dawn

Mariana Ianelli

Translated by: Maria da Glória Bordini

Artwork by Daniel Leblanc

Absurd levity that makes you founder

And it’s not death.


Silent, you comply with your descent

(A careless word

Would sever truth).


Time’s castaway,

Your hours overflow.

Inside the tear,

Immensity, you cry no more.


Stars and stars,

Thirst and talent copulate

Feed you

As the taste of flesh

Never fed you.


Your amazed face

If a face existed,

You nude back,

If nakedness was of the body.

A whirlpool

Where the peace of contraries,

Darkness, dawn.

Impregnated, you float.

It’s the law of grace.

Mariana Ianelli

Mariana Ianelli is a poet, essayist and literary critic from São Paulo with an M.A. in Literature and Literary Criticism. She has contributed to anthologies, literary journals, and newspapers and has published several books. Treva Alvorada (Illuminuras, 2010) received an Honorary Mention for the Casa de Las Americas Prize.

Maria da Glória Bordini

Maria da Glória Bordini has a PhD in Literary Theory from the Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul. She is a  collaborating professor in the Graduate Program in Letters at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, where she is a specialist in Literary Theory, Literary Criticism, and Literatures in Portuguese. She is also Associate Editor of Brasil/Brazil, A Journal of Brazilian Literature (Brown University).