Argentine Tango — to show business

Linda Morales Caballero

Traduzido por: Marko Miletich

Obra de arte Miguel Betancourt

A rapid stroke

between skid row and the undulating

shadow of a profile.

A bandoneón of streets

wrapping themselves in with a damp feeling of mist.

The gathering of contours,

a slash of rage

and the edge of a violin,

a piano orchestrating

melancholies in a courtesan’s dream.

Bats made of light and rags,

harlequins with glowing oil lamps.

Husky-voiced engine, piano,

Piazzola and rendezvous room.

Sensual dance

composed from a rage to live,

dance that I feel and applaud,


Linda Morales Caballero

Linda Morales Caballero is a poet, fiction writer, journalist and educator from Peru. She has published several books of poetry. She holds a B.A. in Media Communications and Spanish Literature (Cum Laude) and an M.A. in Spanish Literature from Hunter College.

Marko Miletich
Marko Miletich obtained a Ph.D. in Translation Studies from Binghamton University in 2012. He has a Master's Degree in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Translation from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and a Master's degree in Hispanic Civilization from New York University.