Unfinished Selection

Manuel Jofré

Translation text: "Selección incompleta "

Artwork by Eugenio Hansen

 Silent Sounds

The wall is there

And blind as I am

I destroyed my heart

Many times

Somebody pushes me

Crushes my head against the wall

I need air, I need a shore

A bed on which to die


I see bloody pigeons

In mirrors and peaches

I see the fall of the wall

Before it happens


Somebody talks to me

Everything aches

Is it day or night?


They are shooting me

With electrical pins

The wall of pain

Disintegrates in space





My Heart is the Port of an Illusion


Deserts and oceans are my body in movement

And the horizon at dawn

Is fresh as a kiss of the wind

While the sun dwells

In my rotten heart

Manuel Jofré
Born in Santiago, Manuel Jofré is the director of the Pablo Neruda Foundation and professor of Latin American Literature at the University of Chile.