The Four Americas Rewritten


We wanted to know what people between here and Tierra del Fuego were translating, and so, a while ago, we sent a call for submissions to dozens of translators across our American continents. We imposed a typically "Canadian" condition: the source language or the target language had to be either French or English.

This is the result: a special double issue of K1N, entitled The Four Americas Rewritten, a collection of some 30 short stories and poems along with their translations – from Portuguese to English, or from French to Spanish, or from English to French, or Spanish to English ... in fact in every possible combination between the four languages. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the translators as well as Nayelli Castro Ramírez, Élise Fournier-Lévêque, Clara Foz, Aline Francoeur, Annick Geoffroy-Skuce, Sébastien Polikar, Raul Ernesto Colon and Alice Tavares Mascarenhas for the precious time and effort they invested in preparing this issue.

And we hope that it will allow you to discover numerous writers and translators who tell of the Americas in ways that are complementary and essential to each other.

Marc Charron and Luise von Flotow

School of Translation and Interpretation

University of Ottawa